Soundproofing Services – cost effective solutions

Thank you for visiting the pages of Total Acoustic Solutions UK, the domestic and commercial division of Audio Schemes Ltd.

We are a highly specialised soundproofing company offering our unique skills at very affordable prices.

Soundproofing doesn’t need to be expensive but is does need to be done right. As an example, walls in your average domestic semi start at £750.00 for linings pioneered in recording studio construction similar to those seen in the video on this page.

Sound is extremely subjective. A room full of people could all have a different opinion on the finished result so 100% faith in your soundproofing company from the word go is critical. There are soundproofing companies popping up all over the internet but few can match our knowledge and experience. Don’t take our word for it, read our diverse list of commercial and domestic clients who have benefited from intrusting us with solving their noise problems.

We are a small company who started off many years ago as a domestic installation company and still take pride in helping domestic clients with their noise issues.

Our own founder and managing director still surveys all projects big or small to see if the reduction offered can be realistically achieved.

Tamil Media – 12 week studio construction.

This video is a commercial studio build we have just finished, which was a 12 week build compressed into a 3 minute real time film, from initial consultation through to the construction, soundproofing, set design, and equipment installation. It will be of interest to both commercial clients and to domestic clients who are curious how commercial studios are actually built. It will also show the level of expertise we really do have and if you do place your enquiry with us you can at least be confident that you have come to the right place to get your noise problem solved.