Soundproofing Services – cost effective solutions

Thank you for visiting Total Acoustic Solutions UK, the domestic and commercial soundproofing division of Audio Schemes Limited. We are one of the UK’s premier recording studio soundproofing companies.

We are a specialised soundproofing company offering our unique skills to domestic and commercial customers.

Our background is recording studio design and build, where we are used to dealing with extreme levels of noise so there’s nothing that we haven’t heard or a noise problem we haven’t solved.

Although our client list consists of high end companies and organisations, we are in fact a small family run business who just happen to have an excellent reputation within the world of noise attenuation.

If you’re a domestic client you will not be visited by a sales representative but by our managing director and founder Nick Langley, who personally undertakes all site visits to ensure what we offer is what you will get.

There are far too many company’s jumping on the soundproofing bandwagon with very little knowledge of sound attenuation and we get a lot of enquiry’s from clients who have paid for soundproofing materials but feel let down and disappointed with the results.

Commercial clients are not impressed with fantastically named soundproofing products but expect contractual results, so we are proud of our client list as it shows consistent professional results.

Our domestic soundproofing services include ceilings, walls and floors that won’t let you down. They will dramatically reduce all noise sources, which as we know through years of experience can ruin the quality of life in what should be your sanctuary from the outside world.

The visits are free for both commercial and domestic clients or if you are just looking at a ballpark figure feel free to mail over you requirement’s.

Thank you again for visiting and please call Nick anytime 7 days a week on 0788 996 4312 with your enquiry if you want to discuss your project.