Soundproofing Specialists to the Domestic and Commercial Sector

Soundproofing Services

Thank you for visiting Total Acoustic Solutions UK, the domestic and commercial soundproofing division ofAudio Schemes Limited.

We are a highly specialised studio soundproofing company.

We offer studio grade soundproofing at very affordable prices to the domestic and commercial soundproofing market.

Our prestigious and well known client list includes the Royal Academy of Music and Sony. We proudly use these commercial references to give a good first impression and to start the confidence building process for both domestic and commercial customers.

Commercial clients such as Warner Brothers and Age UK are not taken in by clever marketing, and products with impressive sounding names, and expect us to deliver exactly what we offer, regardless of what materials or installation techniques we use. All they want to know is “does it work”!

For Example:

We were contracted to soundproof confidential meeting rooms by the governments school watchdog Ofsted’. The contract stated, conversations in individual rooms must not be heard outside the room due to the highly sensitive nature of the discussions. The fact we have been asked back to soundproof more of their meeting rooms tells you how successful it was.

To give you even more confidence in our soundproofing ability’s we are a Which? Trusted Trader, which means we have undergone a rigorous selection process and have been scrutinised on all levels. Having satisfied "Which?", we can proudly display their logo on our webpage as a fully endorsed trusted trader.

Domestic clients in particular will use the word “soundproofing” as a generic benchmark and presume all quotes from different companies are based on the same amount of reduction. In fact the spectrum of reduction is huge and there is no legal benchmark on remedial soundproofing. The end result is very subjective, so you need to be sure the company you choose, has your interest at heart and are not just intent on hitting sales targets regardless of the performance of the product.

The amount of information on the internet is mind boggling to those with little or no knowledge of the complex world of sound attenuation. This can often lead to decisions based on desperation rather than through informed analyse.

Our site surveys and quotes are completely free with no hidden costs. You are under no obligation to use our services and won’t be bombarded with sales mails following our visit.

If it’s just an online quote you want then please use the contact form provided.

If you want a home/site visit then book one today and we will see you soon.