Audio Schemes Limited are delighted to announce that we have been selected to contribute to the prestigious 2017 Parliamentary Review, representing the construction and engineering sector.
Audio Schemes limited are the only soundproofing company ever to have been included in this review.
Director Nick Langley goes on to say “the last 12 months have seen unbelievable growth for our business with high specification projects for world renowned brands such as Adidas, Wimbledon (AELTC), CBBC and Spectrecom Films. This is our recognition for our innovative soundproofing expertise, which is offered to all sectors and now surely marks us as one of the market leaders within this highly specialised industry.

Providing professional soundproofing to the domestic and commercial customer. No job too small - We can soundproof from a single wall to a fully bespoke studio

customer review which

Life Changing

We recommend Nick and his team 100%. We live in a big sturdy looking Victorian terrace but with paper thin walls and on one side we neighbour 8 students. For 5 months in our bedroom we had been enduring the noise of their parties, DJing, horrendous base music, computer games etc. We were sleep deprived and it was really affecting our health and well being. I contacted Nick and he came and did a site visit. We wanted help with the entire party wall but Nick helped us focus in on the key priority

Excellent work on a tricky project

I got in touch with Nick at Audio Schemes after another company had tried (and failed) to convert my garage (which is inside my terraced house) into a music room. The space was relatively small and I wanted to play guitar, bass, drums and piano at a very loud level without disturbing the neighbours. As a lecturer in audio and acoustics and a live sound engineer, I knew that this was quite the challenge. Nick came in with a wealth of knowledge about the materials and building methods required to

Soundproofing the ceiling

We used Audio Schemes to sound proof our terraced house. We need our ceiling done so we could sound proof the noise from the flat upstairs. Only downside is that we have lost the height of our ceiling as the flat up stairs would not co-operate. Nick was knowledgeable and professional. He was clean and Tidy throughout…

Case Study

Adam Hill, Audio Engineering Lecturer

We were brought in by Adam Hill to rectify a home studio build project within a integral garage after the original company failed to deliver a studio fit for purpose!

This is what Adam had to say!

“Finally got a chance to fully test the studio. Cranked up music as loud as it would go (without blowing my amp). Metered around 105 dBA (average) with peaks approaching 120 dBA. Went to the neighbors and if you physically put your ear to the wall you could just about make out something, but aside from that you hear absolutely nothing! I tried to take measurements, but they’re pretty much pointless since I’m just measuring background noise. I’d say you’re getting around 80 – 90 dB reduction. Needless to say, I’m absolutely thrilled with the work you’ve done. High quality workmanship all around and beyond what I was expecting soundproofing wise.”

Adam Hill – Audio Engineering Lecturer, Derby University

Projects to be proud of



The brief was to build a one off design for the CBBC channel for a program presented by Mark Wright.

We had to guarantee the neighbours were not affected by noise generated from within the Garden studio which included drum and guitar lessons….




Is this one of the biggest flooring projects ever undertaken? A uniquely designed sound impact resistant floor covering 4300 square metres. To give it some scale, it is 60% of the surface area of Wembley Stadiums pitch. It incorporated over 70 ton of specialised soundproofing products….



All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), Wimbledon

TAS UK are proud to have been chosen by the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) to soundproof TV interview rooms, physio and medical rooms under centre court Wimbledon….



Sam Devereaux

“ I found Nick Langley, boss of Audio Schemes Ltd, one of the UK’s premier studio design and build companies to help me create a quiet space. Nick has built recording studios for Sony, Warner Brothers and The Royal Academy of Music….


About us

As well as soundproofing recording studios, we offer our knowledge base to domestic and commercial clients. We don’t sell products so are not tied in to any particular supplier and offer customers the chance to get soundproofing installed by a bonafide studio construction company. Your soundproofing project would have the weight of our knowhow behind it, giving it the very best chance to succeed. There are hundreds of products out there for what in reality is only a simple issue, “how to stop sound (kinetic) energy”. You will have seen countless web pages selling dense products, but a word of caution, water has a high density of 1000kg/m3, but sound can travel for thousands of miles through it! There are other considerations needed when designing soundproofing and not planning your project properly, and using the wrong products can be a very costly disappointing exercise. We are sent countless sample products from endless suppliers asking us to use their products with only a handful actually making any significant difference once tested in a real noise situation; at the end of the day soundproofing is only as good as the knowledge behind it. We are one of only a handful of soundproofing company’s in the country assessed by WHICH? We proudly display their logo as a trusted trader, competent in our particular field. We have soundproofed for universities, schools, councils, housing associations, the list is endless but the results are always the same, ”dramatic improvement’s” on what clients had before we started and what they have once we have finished. This is why our client list has so many well-known names and organisations, because we offer cost effective proven solutions, which cover all noise problems in all sectors. Site visits are free and you are under no obligation to use our services, so drop us a line or complete form on the contact page and we will be happy to help you solve your noise problems.

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Susie Bulman, London – Sound Proofing Ceiling System

“Would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone, very professional”.