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Our latest commercial soundproofing project

CBBC – Garden Studio Build

The brief was to build a one off design for the CBBC channel for a program presented by Mark Wright.

We had to guarantee the neighbours were not affected by noise generated from within the Garden studio which included drum and guitar lessons.


cbbc start cbbc finished project
cbbc start cbbc start

The brief - studio to be designed in the shape of an amplifier.

The turn-around time - just 8 days ! ! !


Tamil Media International

Our reputation for guaranteeing completion dates without compromising on quality won us the contract to design and build a bespoke multi-media centre in London. A 16 week build was brought down to 12 through 24/7 working split shifts. The pictures below and the video under "Our Clients" shows the quality of our work whilst working to extremely tight deadlines.


tamil mediatamil media tamil media

tamil mediatamil mediatamil media

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What we offer !
Professional installation of soundproofing will dramatically reduce any direct transmission of noise.

As well as soundproofing recording studios, we offer our knowledge base to domestic and commercial clients. We don’t sell products so are not tied in to any particular supplier and offer customers the chance to get soundproofing installed by a bonafide studio construction company. Your soundproofing project would have the weight of our knowhow behind it, giving it the very best chance to succeed. There are hundreds of products out there for what in reality is only a simple issue, “how to stop sound (kinetic) energy”. You will have seen countless web pages selling dense products, but a word of caution, water has a high density of 1000kg/m3, but sound can travel for thousands of miles through it! There are other considerations needed when designing soundproofing and not planning your project properly, and using the wrong products can be a very costly disappointing exercise. We are sent countless sample products from endless suppliers asking us to use their products with only a handful actually making any significant difference once tested in a real noise situation; at the end of the day soundproofing is only as good as the knowledge behind it. We are one of only a handful of soundproofing company’s in the country assessed by WHICH? We proudly display their logo as a trusted trader, competent in our particular field. We have soundproofed for universities, schools, councils, housing associations, the list is endless but the results are always the same, ”dramatic improvement’s” on what clients had before we started and what they have once we have finished. This is why our client list has so many well-known names and organisations, because we offer cost effective proven solutions, which cover all noise problems in all sectors. Site visits are free and you are under no obligation to use our services, so drop us a line or complete form on the contact page and we will be happy to help you solve your noise problems.


    Free site visit (terms apply)


    Free site visit (terms apply)


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